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Historical accuracy in fantasy

Yesterday I talked about the Tolkien-retelling issue. Let’s go over another common problem: historical comparison. Watch your medieval facts. The Dark Ages weren’t idyllic. Sure, it’s fantasy and you can make stuff up. But why is bronze stronger than steel and horses able to gallop all day long? History buffs will rip you apart unless… Continue reading Historical accuracy in fantasy

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Bechdel and other important points

A query today included a paragraph like this one: The way the characters perceive the antagonist shows the many shades of grey along the scale of morality. Some relationships in the book are LGBTQ. It also passes the Bechdel and Mako Mori tests. All three of these explicit mentions are okay to include. The first… Continue reading Bechdel and other important points

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Prejudice isn’t attractive

Today I got a query that was extremely Islamophobic: Muslims attack the rest of the world and our American everyman must save the earth and destroy the Muslims. I’ve also received queries that have racist, sexist, homophobic/biphobic, ableist, xenophobic, or transphobic undertones. The problem isn’t the query: the problem is the book. If you’ve written… Continue reading Prejudice isn’t attractive

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If your novel includes diversity

Diversity just means reality: a story that actually relates to the world we live in. The white, able-bodied, neurotypical, twenty-something, cis, hetero, male stereotype got old a long time ago. If you’re totally confused, go look up Malinda Lo and Corinne Duyvis for a good introduction. If your novel features diversity in the forefront (a… Continue reading If your novel includes diversity