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Today’s query batch: TLDR

The previous post went over 6 queries and how and why I rejected or requested them. There 2 things to learn here.

No book is rejected for one thing alone. It’s true that some problems interlock, of course. Long word count and boring pages are a result of the same issue. But I saw proof of the error in both the query and pages before I rejected.

Second, a lot of the things we reject or request for are on a spectrum.

Some overdone plots make millions. So depending on what I see in the pages, a cliché plot could be good or bad. Factors balance out or unbalance each other.

Agents go with their gut. Readers also buy and rate and review for gut-level subjective reasons.

Welcome to art.

What can you do? Write a book you love. Write a lot of books. Finish each book you start. Seek and listen to honest critique. Read a lot of books.

That is the only tried-and-true method. It doesn’t promise publication, but does promise you’ll improve.

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