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Keep your email alive

Please don’t query from an email address and change addresses before we can reply. Several times, I’ve received “does not exist” messages or requests to re-send to a new address.

I just don’t have time to dig through and re-send a rejection. It is the author’s fault if they don’t receive my email: you gave me an address in your query and I used it. Professionally, this is the extent of my responsibility. Please respect me and my time.

If you want to change your email address, you have several options:

  1. do it before you query
  2. wait until you’ve heard back from everyone or a year has passed since sending
  3. create the new address but leave the old one open; establish forwarding so any emails get send on to your new address (Gmail especially makes this easy)

2 thoughts on “Keep your email alive

  1. To be fair, it is possible for email to fail at times through no fault of either party. I develop websites for a living, and we often provide email to clients; such systemic failures are more common than you might think, especially when you’re setting things up!


    1. Very true! I get those error messages about once or twice a month and never know what to do except re-send.
      I’ve also gotten a very different courtesy message from the email client itself saying an account does not exist or was shut down by the owner (instead of “we couldn’t reach the recipient”). I find that one frustrating.


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