Mourning, Vacationing, and Writing

After the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, I could not write. I spent a week in shock and mourning, figuring out my feelings and how best to honor the victims. As I say in my bio, I’m a queer woman. It hit close to home.

This week, I’m on vacation. I’m getting a little fiction writing in. But I ditch blogging and tweeting for relaxing.

This is the secret: you may take breaks.

You may mourn.

As a writer, work never stops. You dream ideas. You jot down thoughts throughout the day. You write on weekends and in spare moments sneaked at cafes. Vacation means no work which means lots of writing. Tough emotions are something you can put into your work.

None of this is untrue. But it doesn’t mean you have to work every free second.

You’re allowed to mourn someone’s death. You’re allowed to take a break with friends or explore a foreign city. Take time to just breathe and think about nothing.

Press the space bar between the words of your life.

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