do and don't

Read the instructions for full requests

When an agent requests a full manuscript, they will tell you the specific format they want. Attached as doc, docx, or pdf? Synopsis? Etc.

Many agents ask that you send your full to a different address. Queries may go to name[at], but fulls go to name[at]

Many of our agents instruct authors to send fulls to their personal addresses. The other day someone sent a requested manuscript to our query box. I forwarded it on to the agent. They replied to me: “If this author can’t follow directions, do I really want to represent them?”

I get it. Mistakes happen. You might have gotten so excited-nervous that you forgot that one detail.

But we don’t know that. Maybe you’re someone who just doesn’t care. If an author can’t be bothered to check things over, we probably don’t want to work with them.

Yes, at some point you will mess up. We all do. But please, please read the instructions when you get a request for a full manuscript.

Many of us are careful when we query, but less so when we send a full. Keep your eyes open. You’re not at the end quite yet.


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