When you’ll get a call

Getting The Call is a huge thing for authors. The Call: when an agent calls you to offer representation.

When you query, we won’t offer rep based on the sample pages alone. If we like it, we’ll request more.

We won’t call you to request: we’ll send an email. We make several requests each week, and most of them end as rejections. It wastes our time and frays your nerves for nothing if we call only to say, “Email the full manuscript.”

We also won’t call to send a rejection, no matter who you are or what the circumstance is. We send tons of rejections every day. And why would we call you just to deliver disappointment? I don’t want you to have to awkwardly reply — or cuss me out.

Calling on the phone is reserved for The Call.


2 thoughts on “When you’ll get a call

    1. Yep. We have so many full manuscripts to read, it can take a while before we read it and make a decision. (Though most agents know if they’ll take it by page 50 or 60. By that point, you’re either hooked or not.)

      And thank you! I like to think I can help make the lit world a little better informed. Most of this is stuff I didn’t know 3 years ago.


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