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Violating guidelines on purpose

A query today announced that the author understood we request a certain number of pages pasted into the email. However, they were attaching the whole thing for us.

This isn’t just an auto-reject. I deleted the email.

Saying they read the guidelines and then disregarding them shows disrespect for the literary agent. The consequences of doing things your way are on your own head.

We (and most other agencies) do not open unsolicited attachments because we have no way of knowing if someone sends us a virus or a bunch of dick pics or what have you. I don’t know what it is: I’m not going to read it.

Side note: agencies get plenty of spam. Most of it is book related because authors will add our email to their newsletter list without our permission. We get announcements for book releases, ads for book sales, etc.

But we aren’t individuals ready to buy your book. (We are, but outside of work, so you’ll have to find us on Twitter or Facebook.) Our agency email addresses are for agency business.

Always remember this is a business, so behave in a business-like way.


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