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Latest rejection batch

I just sent off 115 rejections.

Last week all my efforts aimed at surviving: my post-conference illness still has me in its clutches. As I began feeling better, I decided to tackle my overwhelming rejection folder: 170 queries waiting for my letter.

I sent 115 in an hour and a half.

That’s pretty good time: I’m up to 1.2 rejections per minute. I didn’t have time to personalize any of them, though.

The most common reasons:

  • Too few words (50k and under)
  • Too many words (100k and above)
  • A plot that didn’t make sense

Get beta-readers and critique partners, my friends. Polish, polish, polish.

On the plus side, you may be one of the lucky four who received a request for pages. Last week I requested 4 fantasies and 1 thriller. This week it’s 4 thriller/suspense/mysteries. Damn good ones, too.

Keep up the beautiful work!


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