query problems

Strange trends

The past few weeks saw a surprising number of queries with protagonists named Kaedin, Kaeden, or Kaelin.

It’s coincidence of course: people are subtly influenced by the same media and name their protagonists similar things the same way baby names have trends.

I see strange trends like this all the time. One week saw an influx of Greek- and Roman-inspired YA books. Another saw a handful of memoir-cookbooks.

There’s no way for an author to know if their query, premise, or plot matches a number of others around the same time. Simply be aware that your book might not appear unique in the agent’s context–and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. Ten other people might write the same concept or world and submit their queries the same day you do.

Tell me how your book stands out, write a shiny first page, and cross your fingers. Good, hard work puts you higher up in the pile.

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