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Tired of preachy books

I’m tired of preachy books. Between all our agents, our agency accepts nearly anything–if it’s good enough. That does not include preachy books.

Sometimes they preach politics: fictionalized futures of what would happen if we elect [candidate]. Sometimes they preach religion: Christian fantasy about the world ending or how a man’s self-sacrifice converts his atheist neighbors.

But the messages shouted in these books make them unoriginal. You could say it all in a 2000-word essay and be done. Writing it up as a novel doesn’t mean readers who wouldn’t read the essay will read the book. It doesn’t get people thinking any deeper about the issue.

There’s nothing wrong with purveying your beliefs in a book. All books tell a truth, after all. But sledgehammer books aren’t appealing. Be subtle. Be open. Ask questions.

The best literature–including religious lit–asks “what if,” leaves some breadcrumbs, and lets us take the journey on our own.

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