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Bechdel and other important points

A query today included a paragraph like this one:

The way the characters perceive the antagonist shows the many shades of grey along the scale of morality. Some relationships in the book are LGBTQ. It also passes the Bechdel and Mako Mori tests.

All three of these explicit mentions are okay to include.

The first isn’t something I necessarily picked up from the query. I got a hint that the multiple POVs differed in their opinion of Big Bad. But this theme makes the book more interesting and original, so the explicit mention helped.

Second, I’ve said before diverse elements are important to include in the query, even/especially if they aren’t inherent to the plot.

Thirdly, far more books pass the Bechdel and Mako Mori tests than movies do. However, they’re still important measures of female involvement and agency. Including them doesn’t hurt.


2 thoughts on “Bechdel and other important points

    1. Thanks for providing that link, DaktariD. I had heard of the Bechdel test; most of my novels barely pass, mostly because the major female characters are close to the men in their lives: fathers, mentors, boyfriends, in addition to their female BFFs. But all my novels seem to all pass the Mako Mori one.

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