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When originality is bad

Your book’s premise should be original. The format of your query should not be.

We got a query today written as fictional conversation between an agent and the author.

“We didn’t appreciate it,” says the Intern.

“Why not?” ask the readers.

“Because it was hard to look at,” the Intern explains. “It was hard to extract the necessary information, such as–”

“Oh, let me guess!” interrupts one reader. “Such as the book’s title?”

“No,” says the Intern. “We don’t really care about that. I couldn’t easily find the genre or word count. And the premise of the book was hard to decipher, even when I found that part of the ‘conversation.'”

Don’t try to be smart. Write the query like everyone else. Good queries will shine. (I got three stand-outs today already.)


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